Revyve is the most advanced and Faridabad’s first dedicated and its own Ivf laboratory set up at the heart of NIT, Faridabad. Revyve has achieved multiple possibilities and it has a wide range of assisted reproductive technology such as IUI Procedures, IVF Treatments, ICSI Treatment, Egg freezing, Surrogacy Process, and other services.

Patients can avail our exclusive treatments under Revyve Infertility Center.Our centre ensures that the patients of different ages can receive the best services at affordable charges under the proper guidance of skilled IVF Specialists and the best advantage is that our specialists use the latest technology based equipment.

The centre is headed by our professionals who aim to give the patients the best they can.
We have state of art Infrastructure and advanced IVF lab setup as well. Proper patient-friendly treatment is done and counseling is given to all the patients guiding them to make their dream come true. Revyve stays committed to all its visions and has probably done the best out of every condition.

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