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There are many ivf solutions available today for the infertile couples who have lost hope in parenthood in a biological way. From gamete donors to surrogacy, the development in science and technology has seen an immense rise in the number of positive infertility treatment cases around the world.

Amongst all other infertility treatment solutions, IUI produce is counted as one of the best ivf methods to have a success rate of almost 75% which is huge as compared to other infertility treatment solutions. Intrauterine insemination or IUI is the procedure in which a female is made pregnant with the help of artificial insemination of the sperm of the male donor or the father.

This procedure is mainly carried out in cases of male infertility but it is also used in some specific female infertility cases as well. As this method has a very good success rate, most infertile individuals go for this method to get pregnant and have a child of their own. Let us discuss more on the IUI treatment and procedure in this article below

What is the procedure of IUI treatment?

It is a very simple procedure. In the cases of male infertility, sperm from a donor is collected by the infertility experts and treated in the laboratory until it is transferred to the uterus of the mother. When the right time comes, the semen which is specially washed is transferred to the uterus of the woman with the help of a thin catheter.

Upon successful fertilization, the woman would get pregnant and if it fails to show pregnancy then the process has to be repeated. In the case of female infertility, the same procedure is carried out with the sperm of the father and not a donor.

How can you increase the chances of a successful pregnancy through the IUI procedure?

It is seen in most IUI treatment Faridabad cases that the chances of a successful IUI pregnancy lie mostly on the age of the women undergoing it. While a woman whose age below 35 has more and better chances of conceiving, a woman who is above 35 or 40 has lesser chances of a successful pregnancy through the IUI procedure.

So if you want to increase your chances you must get early treatment. Also, you must check on your health issues, your overall diet and mental health conditions to improve the chances of pregnancy in the IUI procedure.

What is the cost of an IUI procedure?

Normally it is not a very costly procedure when done once or twice. But if the procedure has to be repeated over and over with failed pregnancy every time then the cost can surge a little which can go beyond the affordability of common people.

The average cost of an IUI cycle remains between 3000 to 10000 rupees depending upon the type of facilities you opt for and the doctor and clinic you select for your treatment. Generally, it takes a few repeated cycles to get a successful pregnancy in an IUI procedure.

Who all needs an IUI procedure to get pregnant?

Basically, a male who has problems in producing enough sperm or has a problem in ejaculation needs such treatment procedure with the help of a sperm donor to achieve pregnancy. Women who have problems carrying the baby in the uterus might also go for this treatment with the help of a surrogate mother.

The basic things that are required in the entire procedure are the sperm of a fertile male individual and the healthiness of the uterus of a fertile female individual. The expert doctors can handle the case easily when they get the maximum time and healthy sperm to do the needful.

Final thoughts

Each IVF centre in Faridabad has introduced IUI as one of the most popular and demanded IVF procedure in today’s time. Many infertile men and women come forward to get themselves treated under the infertility experts in these centres and most of them are guided for an IUI procedure to get pregnant and give birth to a child.

Although in most male infertility cases, the procedure of IUI is used but in some female infertility cases too, this process is used to give birth to a child without the natural way. When the sperm of the male donor or father is collected it is either to be injected into the uterus of the mother or the surrogate mother depending upon the condition and severity of infertility amongst the couples.

It takes time to confirm pregnancy and one must wait for the right time to test the possibilities. Also, one must never delay in taking treatment when they come to terms with the condition of their reproductive health. The faster you get yourself treated, the better results you get in your pregnancy.

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