Infertility is anyway a difficult phase of life to deal with, more so when the chances of Treatment or reverting the conditions remain low. In most of the infertility cases, the doctors suggest opting for IVF treatments to get the best solutions for their conditions and to be able to have their own child through the process.

But in some such IVF treatment cases, the health conditions of the patients come in between the successful execution of the same and thus, some initial care needs to be provided to them to make them healthy enough for the IVF treatment.

Endometriosis is one such condition that interferes with the IVF treatment of the patients. The women who suffer from this disease not only face problems in the natural childbirth process but can also fail to conceive when artificial treatments are carried out on them as in the case of the IVF treatments.

Therefore, treating endometriosis first and then rooting for the IVF treatment is necessarily advisable to all the women who suffer from such condition so that the complexities in the IVF pregnancy can be avoided further.

With the option to do endometriosis surgery, the hope for treatment remains with the women opting for the treatment before the IVF procedure is carried out. Let us discuss more on the same below

Why must a woman treat her endometriosis condition before opting for an IVF treatment?

When a woman suffers from endometriosis, the primary organ where the implantation occurs, i.e., the uterus remains in a position which is unhealthy for the embryo to get implanted and facilitate further childbirth process.

The endometrial lining suffers inflammation and the inner tissues grow outside the uterus when the condition of endometriosis occurs in a female. This abnormality is not only limited to the uterus but can also occur in the fallopian tubes, ovaries and the tissues which line a woman’s pelvis.

As it involves all the major organs of the reproductive system, the disorder affects the normal pregnancy procedure in a female and thus interferes with the implantation and childbirth process.

Therefore, women who need to undergo IVF treatments for infertility must treat endometriosis before they opt for it because the internal conditions can also prove to be an obstruction for the artificial implantation process, making it an unsuccessful one.

What risks do women with endometriosis have when they undergo IVF treatment?

In most women, the history of endometriosis can affect the IVF procedure to a greater extent. It can make the pelvis “hostile” to the sperms and embryo leading to an unsuccessful IVF pregnancy.

The chances of successful implantation and childbirth are limited when there is a history of endometriosis with the woman concerned as compared to those who did not have such conditions before.

Moreover, once the IVF treatment starts, the rise in the levels of estrogen can cause the endometriosis conditions to worsen which can further make the IVF pregnancy a riskier one. Thus, it is a wise decision to go for endometriosis treatment before you opt for IVF treatments.

What are the treatment options for endometriosis?

The laparoscopic surgery for infertility includes the treatment of endometriosis. Apart from surgery medicinal treatment can also be implied to the patients to treat the conditions of endometriosis. However, the most common treatment methods include surgical processes only!

Other treatment options like injecting hormones to keep the condition in control or opting for medical procedures like ablation, electrocoagulation, electrosurgery, etc. can also be effective in treating the condition of endometriosis. When the condition is in control, the chances of a successful IVF pregnancy surely increase three folds.

The final take

When women face infertility issues, the primary reason behind it mostly comprises of their inability to conceive even after successful intercourse with their partner. The most common reasons for the same include the inability to produce healthy gametes, unhealthy uterus condition or any such clinical conditions which bars her from getting pregnant.

Endometriosis can definitely be counted as one of the prominent reasons why women face infertility issues. While it interferes with their normal functioning of the reproductive system, when the women opt for the IVF treatment also, endometriosis can come in between the path of a successful pregnancy.

It happens so because the main functional area of the uterus, i.e., the uterus lining remains in an unhealthy condition which further interferes with the embryo implantation thus causing a filed pregnancy condition.

So, it is verily needed that women who suffer from endometriosis must get it treated first and then opt for any kind of IVF treatment to ensure it occurs successfully. The success in the IVF pregnancy rates increases when the endometriosis treatment is done before the IVF treatment starts and so, opting for the one beforehand is a wise choice!

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