If we consider the most common cause of the unsuccessful IVF treatments in the infertile couples, it can be seen that the failure of the embryos getting implanted on the uterus of the women is the primary reason for the same. In most infertility treatments, the embryo transfer plays a significant role in making the process a successful one and in case it fails the chances of a successful IVF treatment also dips rigorously.

And for that, the advanced a scientific finding have come up with the idea of assisted hatching of the embryos to ensure that the implantation process is not wasted and the woman become pregnant successfully.

It is only when the pregnancy is confirmed as successful and the woman who receives the treatment passes the first trimester without any such complications, the whole IVF procedure is considered to be successful.

Thus, only the successful implantation or a successful embryo transfer does not quite validate the IVF treatment carried out in an infertile woman. If we count the potential benefits of assisted hatching, we can say that it is one crucial factor in making the entire IVF process a successful one. Let us know more details on the same below

Before we move on to the benefits, let’s discuss how assisted hatching is done?

The fertility expert who performs the treatment ensures that it is done in a clean and hygienic condition so that any kind of infectious substance does not get in the middle of the procedure.

They hold the embryo with a special kind of pipette and use an acidic solution to dissolve the zona pellucida layer of the embryo to make ways for implantation.

Another method used for making such similar transformations is the laser technology which works fine in assisting the process.

The laser assisted hatching cost India is also not too high and so, the fertility experts prefer opting this process to increase chances of successful embryo implantation in the uterus of the woman undergoing the fertility treatment.

After this process is completed the embryo is washed and placed back in the incubator to get cultured and then it is transferred to the uterus for making ways for a successful IVF pregnancy.

The potential benefits of the assisted hatching process include

  • It cuts off the risk of a failed implantation in the women undergoing the IVF treatments.
  • It helps in the implantation process and improves the chances of pregnancy three folds.
  • It is easy to perform and does not involve any kind of health risk of the woman in question.
  • Good for those who have experienced multiple IVF failures, might just be lucky for them to make their IVF treatment a successful one
  • Can also be implemented in women of higher age like in the late 30s or even early 40s without much risks involved with the same
  • The cost is not too high and thus it is affordable and reliable when it comes to including assisted hatching in the IVF treatments.
  • Helps those with poor quality of the embryos. Assisted hatching shows effect in the implantation even if the embryos are not healthy enough for the same.

These were some of the potential benefits of assisted hatching and reasons why a mammoth section of the IVF Specialist focus on implementing this technique in the IVF processes to incur positive results.

So, if you or someone you know is undergoing IVF treatment and wants their chances of a successful process to be increased then asking your fertility experts for the assisted hatching process or adhering to the same when asked for is one important decision that you must take.

The bottom line

Assisted hatching is deliberately done to increase the chances of a successful pregnancy in women undergoing IVF treatments for the conditions of infertility.  During the embryo transfer process, the chances of a successful pregnancy remain very less, more so when the woman has reached an age which is not too suitable for the childbirth process.

And of course, the zona pellucida layer of the egg becomes thicker to put more obstruction in the path of the implantation. In cases like these, assisted hatching is implemented by the infertility experts to increase the chances of successful implantation and thereby a successful childbirth process as well.

By doing so, it cannot be confirmed that the IVF process would be a successful one or there are 100% chances of the women getting pregnant, but the chances of the same surely increase when you perform assisted hatching during the IVF treatment.

Thus, when you are getting an IVF treatment done for your infertility conditions, do make sure that you are visiting the best IVF centres and cooing the right specialists to perform the procedure so that they can provide you with every important treatment necessities.

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