The causes of infertility can be explained or unexplained depending upon the individuals suffering from the same. Sometimes people can inherit infertility while in some cases they may acquire the disorder while growing up; you never know how healthy your reproductive system is until you face issues when trying to achieve pregnancy.

And as infertility is not limited to only a certain gender, both men and women are prone to the risks of infertility which is caused due to several factors, some known and some unknown!

So, when a couple tries very actively and rigorously to have a baby and still fail at making the process a successful one, it must be assumed that either one of them or both have some issues with their reproductive health which needs serious and timely intervention by the infertility experts for getting proper treatments.

There are some risk factors or one can say there are certain female and male infertility causes that we all must know in order to protect ourselves from such mishaps with our reproductive health in the future. Let’s read on to find out more on these risk factors

  • Age factor

When it comes to the Causes of Female Infertility age factor plays a very crucial role. Not that men are not at risk of losing their fertility with growing age but females are at the greater side of the risk when compared to the men. With growing age the reproductive health of the women begins to deteriorate; they cannot produce healthy eggs, neither can they carry the baby in their womb for certain complexities! Hence, the couples should plan a baby at an earlier stage of life rather than pushing the pregnancy for a later stage.

  • Smoking and drinking

No wonder both these harmful addictions bring discomfort in the overall health conditions of men and women in general but it affects the reproductive health severely too! While smoking can cause erectile dysfunction or reduced sperm count in men, women can suffer miscarriages or find difficulty in conceiving if they are regular smokers. Similar conditions arise when people drink excessive alcohol; birth defects, reduced sperm count, difficulty in pregnancy, etc. also occurs in this case! So, it is recommended that both the partners must refrain or at least lower their intake if they want a healthy reproductive functioning!

  • Obesity

Obesity in women can cause them irregular periods which can lead to improper ovulation at times whereas men who are overweight can have reduced sperm count or low-quality sperms which can affect their fertility to a greater extent. It is advised that people who are obese and are planning to have a baby, first try to reduce some weight before you take on the process of childbirth.

  • Mental health conditions

It is one important risk factor which a majority of people today do not take quite seriously. They do not acknowledge the fact that stress and depression can lead to infertility and can even make people permanently infertile when the condition worsens. In both males and females when there is too much stress on the mind, it affects some hormones which help them in the reproductive cycle functioning. Thus, fertility is affected when they are overstressed. Also, men face reduced sperm count and unhealthy sperm production for the same!

  • Sexually transmitted diseases

STDs are often the reasons behind a person suffering from infertility conditions. These sexually transmitted diseases are the primary reason which affects the reproductive organs of both male and female and leads to the condition of infertility. This condition can be avoided when you stop sexual intercourse with multiple partners or you use protection before indulging in sexual activities. STDs can also give rise to gonorrhoea, chlamydia, pelvic inflammation and other such diseases which may result in the conditions of infertility mainly in women.

Wrapping up

Although today the treatments and solutions to infertility issues have seen many growths and developments, being a bit careful about our health can actually reduce the numbers of infertile individuals drastically.

People today are leading a lifestyle which is not only bringing harm to their overall health but also affecting their reproductive health to a greater extent which in turn is making them infertile even though they were born with proper fertile health.

The In vitro fertilization process and other similar infertility treatments might bring the joy and hope back in the lives of the infertile individuals but what if they don’t suffer infertility in the first place?

It is only possible when people learn to take care of their fertility health and protect themselves from the fear factors of the same. The given few common risk factors of male and female infertility can help people immensely to follow a lifestyle which keeps their reproductive health in good condition.

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