Embryo Freezing

Medications, for example, IVF, ICSI and Egg gift regularly create incipient organisms that are surplus to the prompt necessities of the treatment. On the off chance that these ‘extra’ incipient organisms are of good quality they can be solidified and set away by Embryo Freezing.

IVF and related medicines regularly include incitement of the ovaries to create various eggs. We intend to treat the greater part of the eggs evacuated so as to have a determination of incipient organisms to develop as not all fetuses can possibly create. As they are developing we can choose the best quality for substitution.

Cryopreservation of developing lives offers us a few potential outcomes:

The capacity of surplus developing lives of good quality

Deferring developing life exchange is uncommon cases like poor endometrium, or extreme OHSS.

The conservation of conceptive capability of a lady preceding chemotherapy, radiotherapy or ovariectomy.