Surrogacy Process

Some Intended parents usually start their journey through these steps:-

1) Consultation – Intended parents initially start their journey by a free consultation. At Revyve IVF Care we comprehensively describe detailed procedures, legalities, financial implications etc. We address each of couples unique concerns.

2) Officially become an Intended parent – When a couple decides to join the surrogacy program. They have to complete an application and sign a contract. They will have to their pictures and submit a portion of their fees.

3) Screening, evaluation and selection process of an Egg donor – Egg donor must be a healthy women ages between 20-30. The specialist conducts a psychological and physiological screening of the egg donor. Most of the intended parents bring their own family members to donate an egg.

4) Screening, evaluation and selection process of Surrogate mother – During the screening test, Surrogate mother go through extensive medical and psychological screening as well as criminal and financial background checks. If you and your partner are intended parents of a child then you have to provide sperm and eggs.

5) Medical screening – Before the IVF procedure, specialists conduct a medical analysis on surrogate mother.

6) Legal agreement – To ensure the responsibility to both sides there should be a legal agreement

7) Medical process – All the medications are given to an intended mother or egg donor to produce multiple eggs. Then, eggs are retrieved out from the intended mother or donor ovary. Afterward, eggs and sperms are fertilization in the IVF laboratory. Finally inseminated eggs or embryos are placed in the surrogate uterus.

8) Pregnancy – It is possible that surrogate gets pregnant in the first attempt. The coordination team confirms you about pregnancy and focuses on the well being of Surrogate mother and your baby.

9) Birth – The surrogacy process gets completed after the birth of a child.

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